What’s new in version 1.3?

Farmstand 1.3 just went live and we’re really excited to see what you think of the updates. There were two main areas we wanted to improve:

  1. Making market open times clearer; and
  2. Making it easier for you to add and update farmers’ markets

Clearer open times

On the find a market screen, you’ll notice that open times, market rows, and map icons change color depending on the market’s next open time. If the cell has a gray background it’s not open for the current season or we’re missing hours (you can add them!). You can also tap the map for a full screen view and tap “Search this location” to find markets around the center point of the map.

Farmstand Market List

On the market detail screen, clicking the open time expands to show detailed market hours. This makes it much easier to see all days and seasons when a market is open.

Farmstand Market Hours

Easier content updates

You’ll notice the large plus button on the find a market screen to create a new market and the edit icon on the market detail screen to edit that market. Tapping those will take you to the new edit market screen. You have the option to use your current location for the address, drag the map to change the pin location so it’s right on the market, add/update the market photo, and add custom open hours.

Farmstand Edit Market

Other additions

There are many other tweaks and updates worth noting.

  • View a list of posts you liked from your profile.
  • We added camera flash controls when taking a photo.
  • Native Facebook and Twitter log in for phones that support it.
  • Snappier interface and bug squashing.

Community help

One of our favorite things about Farmstand is that it’s driven by the community. Anyone that loves local food and supporting farmers can contribute. Here are some simple ways you can help grow the community:

  • See something missing or incorrect? Add and update market information within the app.
  • Click the flag icon on a post or market to send us a message if you see something that needs the team’s attention.
  • Rate our app. Each update resets the rating count and good ratings really help.
  • Post photos from the market. It helps our awesome farmers and markets get more exposure.
  • Share the app with friends. Here’s an easy link to use: http://itunes.com/apps/farmstand

Thanks for the continued love and support!


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