Farmstand for the web is live

Farmstand - Fresh food at your fingertips.

A number of Android users helped test the web version of Farmstand and it’s live for everyone. The site is optimized for a mobile experience but feel free to use it on your computer. We know there are still quirks and improvements needed bit it’s at a good working state. We’d rather have users taking advantage of the great farmers’ market information than waiting on us. You know how developers can be…

Getting where we are would have been really hard without the help of these wonderful friends and volunteers who helped test and give feedback. A big thank you to all of them for sharing their time!

The awesome Android testers: Amanda Eggen, Bill Lubing, Caleb Stephens, Chris Lambrecht, Edward Ingram, Fredrick Selby, Gary Pendergast, Glenn Rittenhouse, Jen Boylan, Joanna Sable, Jonatan Billiau, Laurel McGilvery, Lisa Taerk, Melissa Parent, Noah Ranells, Oliver Griswold, Robynn Jensen, Ryan Tasovac, Sandor Burja, Tim Boylan, and Tom Kolbeck

As usual, we love hearing your suggestions and feedback.


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