Brooklyn Beta: One Year Later

Brooklyn Beta - Invisible Dog Crowd
(Photo by Simon Collison)

Exactly one year after Farmstand went live in the Apple App Store, we celebrated by returning to Brooklyn Beta – the most amazing conference ever and how Farmstand got started. The event began with traditional fare for the 300 attendees – a MailChimp kickoff party, cozy space at The Invisible Dog, great food and snacks, inspiring speakers, a beer elevator, and all kinds of fun throughout the day. They even added some new items like patches they would sew onto your gear and yearbooks (yes, proper school-like yearbooks) with photos of everyone.

Brooklyn Beta - Greenhouse Crowd
(Photo by Simon Collison)

The organizers threw in a twist this year. On Friday, the Main Event happened, and around 1,300 people met at Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It’s a massive and gorgeous building used for events these days. They did a terrific job bringing the energy of the small space to the larger group. They even did Whiskey Friday for 1,300.

A few of my favorite talks included:

  • Former nuclear submarine commander David Marquet on leadership
  • Jonathan Hoeffler on what web fonts should really be
  • Clare Sutcliffe on Code Club and how they’re teaching children to code
  • Katherine Pope of Defy Ventures providing people with criminal histories the tools to become entrepreneurs
  • Tim O’Reilly on the crazy stuff he’s done for the web
  • Raul Gutierrez on Tinybop and their success of their first app

It was such a pleasure to again take part in such an awesome meeting of the minds and we’re already looking forward to 2014!


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