Is Your Farmers’ Market Socially Awesome or Socially Awkward?

Farmers’ markets have so much to talk about with their audience, but market managers can easily get overwhelmed in the digital world. With limited time and funds, you don’t have the luxury of trial and error – so how do you make the most of your online efforts? Read on!


Don’t Go Overboard on Channels: It can be very easy to get wrapped up in the false need to use every social media channel out there – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, flickr, and so on. The options are practically endless and can quickly become overwhelming. So, rather than trying to spread your message everywhere, concentrate your efforts through two platforms.

Be Consistent: The best way to build your digital audience is to post information on a regular basis so that you stay front of mind. Remember that people have a lot of information to get through, but if they can look to you for reliable, quality information, you’ll become their go-to resource instead of just a passive advertiser.

Be Authentic: Give your connections photos and information of real, relevant value. In some cases, the value is merely a reason to smile (a funny cartoon about organic food or a poster graphic about loving farmers). In other situations, the value is new, helpful information that they can apply to their lives (a seasonal recipe or a new study about the health benefits of eating fresh food). At minimum, you should be posting three times a week.

Foregoing an online presence in today’s world isn’t an option – but it also isn’t the mountainous barrier it’s frequently made out to be. With Farmstand’s new tools, managers can simplify their life by using one platform that crowdsources from their community and populates all of that great content directly to Facebook, Twitter and the market’s very own website! Interested in streamlining your efforts? Get in touch today!


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