Is Your Booth Worth 1,000 Words?

Studies regarding first impression indicate that it takes anywhere from seven seconds to mere tenths of a second for people to make a conclusion about what they’re seeing. For vendors, this means that the way they present their product is incredibly important. Is it eye catching? Is it enticing? Whether a market manager or a vendor, understanding what makes a product booth attractive is critical to success. (Read: pretty booths with great product make more money!)


Signage: Consumers aren’t created the same and some of them are far less apt to ask questions than others. This means that you need to level the playing field by giving all of your consumers easy access to all of the relevant information they’ll need to make a purchasing decision. What is the item? What’s the price? Is it all-natural? Organic? Are all ingredient’s locally sourced? Keep your signage simple, consistent and easy-to-read. When in doubt, just perform a random poll and ask your foot traffic what they think!

Decor: While string lights and streamers might be a little much, giving a few thoughts to non-produce booth decor shouldn’t be out of the question. Simple additions like tablecloths, attractive product containers and display racks can go a long way in making your delicious produce look that much more appetizing. Consider, too, offering more substantial producer information, like the history of your farm or opportunities to come visit, with a brochure or small poster display. Always remember, people love a good story!

Levels & Depth: Walk into any store and you’ll quickly notice that their displays aren’t created on one plain. Rather, they use different levels and depths to create a more interactive space. So instead of placing everything flat on tables, consider using crates or boxes to make multiple layers. Maybe your produce offering allows you to use large buckets at ground level and, if you have a covering, hanging baskets for height. A good rule of thumb is to progress from low to high displays the deeper you go.

Remember though that a good looking booth will only take the consumer so far in the purchasing decision. In order for your marketing efforts to pay off in real dollars, the product being sold needs to live up to the booth’s beautification! In other words, to acquire repeat customers, don’t just put lipstick on a pig.


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